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The Caribbean is overflowing with talented photographers and many of them call Barbados home. We’ll no doubt have to do a part two of this list but for now here are five Bajan photographers you should be following on Instagram, in no particular order.


#1. Shane Leacock

Shane is simply a genius with the camera, particularly with portraits.

Follow @shaneleacock.

#2. Kristopher Streek

Kristopher’s shots are breathtaking and he is just at home taking landscape shots in Guyana or candid photos in the fete.

Follow @krisshotit.

#3. Kamilah Ellis

Kamilah is the lone female photographer on our list. Her photos are haunting and always evoke deep emotion.

Follow @kweenkamilah.

#4. Alexander James

Alexander is often busy travelling the world as DJ Puffy’s official photographer and he still finds time for personal projects.

Follow @alxdrjames.

#5. Kyle Babb

Kyle’s images are bright and a breath of fresh air on the timeline.

Follow @kylebabb.

*Honorary mention: Rosalie Richards

Rosalie is Antiguan born but has been living in Barbados for the last couple of years.

Follow @cestlavibevisuals.

Click here to follow WI Kulcha on Instagram.

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